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Rating Rank
Overall Rating (3.1) 12/16
Protein (4.5) 5/16
Taste (2.3) 11/16
Mixability (3.5) 10/16
Value For Money (2.0) 15/16
  • High Protein. Contains an impressively high level of protein (75g+ per 100g of powder).
  • Low Calorie. Less than 200 kcal in every 40g serving of protein.

Cheapest Prices

Retailer Weight Rewards Multi-Buy Discount Price
TheSupplementStore 2.40kg Yes Yes n/a £59.95
Monster Supplements 2.40kg No Yes n/a £76.20

Useful Info & Stats

Interesting stats about Promax
Weight 2.40kg
Protein Sources WPI, WPH, WP
Flavours Banana Chocolate Chocolate Mint Cookies and Cream Mocha Natural Orange Strawberry Vanilla 
Total servings 48
Protein per £1 32.43g Down Arrow
Cost per serving £1.23 Down Arrow (based on you buying it at the lowest price of £59.95 from TheSupplementStore)
Cals per serving 198 kcal Up Arrow
Lasts for 16 to 32 days

Nutrition Facts

Nutritional information (per 100g of powder).
Protein 81.00g Up Arrow Fibre 0.00g Down Arrow
Carbohydrates 6.80g Up Arrow (2.70g Up Arrow) Sodium 0.40g Down Arrow
Fat 6.90g Down Arrow (4.10g Down Arrow)    
Calories 400 kcal Down Arrow    

Amino Acid Profile

Promax amino acid profile (per 100g of protein).
Essential Amino Acids Non-Essential Amino Acids
Leucine (BCAA) 11.40g Up Arrow Alanine 5.20g Up Arrow
Isoleucine (BCAA) 5.80g Down Arrow Arginine 2.80g Up Arrow
Valine (BCAA) 5.50g Down Arrow Aspartic Acid 10.50g Down Arrow
Lysine 9.10g Up Arrow Cystine 2.70g Up Arrow
Methionine 2.40g Up Arrow Glutamine 8.50g Down Arrow
Phenylalanine 3.50g Up Arrow Glycine 2.00g Up Arrow
Threonine 6.50g Up Arrow Histidine 2.30g Up Arrow
Tryptophan 2.00g Up Arrow Proline 6.10g Down Arrow
EAA (BCAA) Total 46.20g Up Arrow (22.70g Up Arrow) Serine 5.20g Up Arrow
Non-EAA Total 48.60g Down Arrow Tyrosine 3.30g Up Arrow

[Maximuscle] Promax review.

Overall. (3.1) - (12/16)

Summary: Promax is very good, but it's over-rated and over-priced. You can get equally good whey supplements (or better) for much cheaper, so don't waste your money.

If Promax wasn't so horrendously expensive, it would be a good buy. It's undoubtedly a great quality whey protein powder that mixes and tastes okay, but the price is obscene.

You may have heard that it's "the best" from someone you know at the gym, but to be honest I'm confident the high price adds to it's notoriety. After all, the more expensive it is the better, right? Unfortunately not – you're buying whey protein here, not a Rolex. The occasional rule of "more expensive = more awesome" doesn't work too well in the world of supplements.

Overall you can't go wrong with the quality of the protein in Promax, but when you can get equally good whey powders for almost half the price, you're certainly going wrong somewhere. Here are a few easy alternatives:

Protein and nutrition. (4.5) - (5/16)

In fairness, yes, Promax is an excellent whey protein supplement. I'd love for it to be completely bog-standard so that I could completely slate it for being the most over-rated and over-priced protein powder ever, but you can't argue with 81.00g of protein in 100g of powder (the average is 75.22g).

Promax is a blend of whey protein isolate and whey protein hydrolysate, which means that it's "purer" than your average whey protein supplement as it contains less fat and lactose. This will make it faster digesting, and it also explains why the protein levels are higher than average.

Nonetheless, Promax is still massively overpriced. At £1.23 per serving it's way above the cost/serving of other top-quality proteins like Reflex Instant Whey, and they're not necessarily cheap either. An extra gram or two of protein is not worth a 50%+ increase in price, especially when that 1g/100g of protein is completely negligible.

For a whey protein that's equally as good but much cheaper, go for Reflex Instant Whey (£41.75) instead of Maximuscle Promax (£59.95).

If you want a super-high whey protein supplement, try something like Nutrisport Whey Protein Isolate – it's has more protein/100g and it's way cheaper. Alternatively, you could just check out the list of whey protein supps with the highest levels of protein.

Taste. (2.3) - (11/16)


Promax tastes like Maximuscle tried to mask the flavour of an unpleasant powder, rather than aiming to create something that tastes yummy. So when you're buying Chocolate, Strawberry, Vanilla or whatever, you're getting something that tastes vaguely like Chocolate, Strawberry, Vanilla or whatever but nothing that has a noticeable flavour.

To put it in to better perspective, you're not going to dislike the taste of Promax, but you're not going to look forward to your next shake of it either. If you want a whey supplement that you'll love to take, you're better off looking at IntraPro or Pharma Whey instead.

As a rule of thumb, whey protein isolate and whey protein hydrolysate (generally speaking, the 2 better types of whey) taste worse than whey protein concentrate, and so considering Promax is made up of the first 2 types it could taste a whole lot worse. So in fairness, Maximuscle may well be doing to best job with what they've got.

Mixability. (3.5) - (10/16)

Promax Mixability Promax Mixability: 50g of powder + 400ml of water.

I have no major problems with the way Promax mixes. It's not lumpy at all and it takes little effort to shake it up. Could be better, but it's a solid effort.

The only slight awkwardness about the powder though is that the froth loves to cling to the side of your shaker whilst you're drinking from it. Now, if you wash out your shaker pretty quickly after having your protein you're going to be fine, but if you're a pinch lazier (like me) and "forget" to clean it soon after you'll be in for a spot of bother…

We've all experienced that relentless smell of old protein ingrained in to an old shaker. Well, with all this left over frothy protein your shaker is even more susceptible to that. So as a word of warning, instead of sitting back after drinking your Promax and admiring your quads after a big session, launch your shaker in to the sink and hope someone cleans it for you soonish.

Whey Maxx Froth A bit of froth isn't bad, but this stuff clings.