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Rating Rank
Overall Rating (3.5) 7/16
Protein (2.0) 16/16
Taste (4.7) 1/16
Mixability (4.2) 7/16
Value For Money (3.0) 12/16
  • Taste Award. Winner of the best tasting whey protein. It's absolutely delicious.
  • Awesome Taste. Has a taste rating of at least "tasty" (4 or more stars).

Cheapest Prices

Retailer Weight Rewards Multi-Buy Discount Price
Discount-Supplements 2.27kg No No n/a £38.99
TheSupplementStore 2.27kg Yes Yes n/a £45.99
Monster Supplements 2.27kg No Yes n/a £55.19

Useful Info & Stats

Interesting stats about IntraPro
Weight 2.27kg
Protein Sources WPI
Flavours Chocolate Vanilla 
Total servings 39
Protein per £1 40.17g Down Arrow
Cost per serving £1.00 Down Arrow (based on you buying it at the lowest price of £38.99 from Discount-Supplements)
Cals per serving 250 kcal Down Arrow
Lasts for 13 to 26 days

Nutrition Facts

Nutritional information (per 100g of powder).
Protein 69.00g Down Arrow Fibre 3.00g Up Arrow
Carbohydrates 14.00g Down Arrow (1.00g Up Arrow) Sodium 0.19g Up Arrow
Fat 10.00g Down Arrow (1.00g Up Arrow)    
Calories 431 kcal Down Arrow    

Amino Acid Profile

IntraPro amino acid profile (per 100g of protein).
Essential Amino Acids Non-Essential Amino Acids
I couldn't find any amino acid information for IntraPro.

[Gaspari] IntraPro review.

Overall. (3.5) - (7/16)

Summary: IntraPro is the best tasting whey protein supplement I've ever tried. Unfortunately, this comes at the cost of extra calories and less protein.

Gaspari IntraPro is all about the taste. I'll try save my review of this aspect for the actual "taste" section, but it's difficult to write anything else about this supplement when the flavour is the overwhelming focus and selling point. It's honestly that good.

Disappointingly, this incredibly taste comes at a price, and that price is the level of protein.

IntraPro isn't a bad product, it's just hitting a target audience of those that want to have a great-tasting whey supplement but at the same time are not bothered about having the most nutritionally elite product ever. It's the kind of whey protein that you'd buy for your girlfriend.

Protein and nutrition. (2.0) - (16/16)

IntraPro only contains 69.00g of protein per 100g. That's very poor for a whey supplement. This is even more surprising considering the source of whey is solely whey protein isolate, as the standard levels of protein for a whey protein isolate supplement are 80g+/100g (see Nutrisport's Whey Isolate for example).

It's obvious that some of the protein has had to make way for the extra fat and carbs. As a result, this has also pumped up the number of calories per serving ( per 40g of protein). Therefore, IntraPro is not ideal if you're cutting or looking to build lean muscle. It's not going to deliver negative results – it's just that there are much better options out there.

Having said all this, whilst Gaspari IntraPro has a poor protein:calories ratio, it's still better than nothing. For example, you'd be better much off having IntraPro + Water instead of a glass of Milk + Nesquik. It's no competition really…

Values are for 50g of powder + 500ml of water or semi-skimmed milk.
  Protein Calories Calories/1g Protein
IntraPro + Water 34.50g 216 kcal 6 kcal
Nesquik + Milk 20.10g 438 kcal 22 kcal

Taste. (4.7) - (1/16)


Wait there, I'm going to need my thesaurus for this one…

Gaspari IntraPro tastes… super, very, nice.

But seriously, to put IntraPro in to perspective; if Gaspari Nutrition made a small 300g tub of the stuff and placed it in Tesco next to Crusha and Nesquik, it would outsell both.

You can tell that Gaspari were aiming to create the best-tasting whey protein powder they possibly could with IntraPro. Without a shadow of a doubt, they've succeeded.

The chocolate flavour I've tried is powerful and moreish. It's comfortably the best chocolate whey protein I've had the pleasure of consuming, and it makes it difficult to stick within my set number of shakes a day. It's creamy, flavoursome, and has none of that unpleasant "whey" aftertaste.

But with all this flavour the big question is – is it sickly? No, thankfully. I think Gaspari realised that if they made it any sweeter or creamier it would become the white chocolate of whey supplements; awesome at first but sickly after a while. You could take IntraPro 3x a day for months and not get sick of it. Instead, you'll just be working out which flavour to get next.

Cadbury Dream Bar Remember these? You could have 2 or 3 at most and then be sick of them for about a month. IntraPro doesn't have this problem.

Mixability. (4.2) - (7/16)

IntraPro Mixability IntraPro Mixability: 25g of powder + 200ml of water. (I didn't have much left)

Minimal lumps and minimal frothing. The mixture is also silky smooth. Overall you'll be very happy with the way IntraPro mixes.

The only tiny issue is that the mixture is a bit sticky and will cling to the side of your shaker, which means that you'll want to make sure you wash it out soon after you've finished to avoid harbouring that foul "whey protein smell" in your shaker that never goes away.

Whey Maxx Froth Sticks to the sides a bit.